June, 2012

The Route 66 scene was fun while it lasted but Dan The Man and his Firebird are back in Wisconsin, which is sub-tropical now thanks to a little global warming. In Flagstaff we made some awesome electric motors with massive torque, but wild electric rods will have to wait for another shot of technology and daring investors.


August, 2011

A little less advertising leaves more space to play with. Let's see what develops.

Here's a shout to the guys at the Galaxy, Friday nights on Route 66 in Flagstaff!


May, 2011

Dan The Man is cruisin old Route 66 through Flagstaff in the Firebird nowadays; earning gas money by working on advanced electric motor technology to electify bikes, new cars, and hopefully some wild rods in the near future! Check out the electric Lotus Elise in progress at Motor Excellence (motorexcellence.com).

Hi to my good buddies Captn'Bob and Arlo at Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio (wisconsinhotrodradio.com).


February, 2011

Wisconsin's DOT is trying to take hobbyist vehicles and others made before 1968 off the road by denying title and plate registrations. Get involved by expressing your concern to your state legislators now (http://waml.legis.state.wi.us/). Stay informed through Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio at wisconsinhotrodradio.com.

Help protect our hobby nationally by joining the SEMA Action Network at semasan.com.


January, 2011

The studio is open for business! The Store is a work-in-progress so visit often to watch it evolve. Whenever you need to shop online at one of our advertisers, click to them through Studio Reneau.

The studio is also a little more Apple-friendly now, so enjoy!

Help protect our hobby by joining the SEMA Action Network at semasan.com. Wisconsin rodders, get involved and monitor pending legislation through Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio at wisconsinhotrodradio.com.


January, 2010

New graphics everywhere! Hover your mouse on the pic's and have fun.

Dan The Man here, building his own web pages now.

Many thanks to Vini Clark for getting the beta site off the ground, all the great ideas for web site features, and continued assistance in site support!

Maybe these quips will stir up some memories:

- Remember when pizza was flat and wheels were deep dish?

- Remember when there was room on a tire to even have a whitewall?

- Remember when Gassers ruled and Funny Cars were clown props?


April, 2010

Check out the link to free Flash video games and wallpaper in the Store!

Who says a Store has to make money?

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